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Custom Solution

Stainworld Plastics offers resin fiberglass panels for your commercial property. Discover the color within! The rich colors of our product create dramatic installations that captivate the senses. The versatility of our fiberglass panels makes it easy to add a splash of color to any application according to your needs.

Window replacement and glass installation businesses can increase the value of their operations by providing Versaglas as an option to their clients. Versaglas has more design capabilities and durability than traditional stained glass. We have an unlimited amount of options when it comes to bringing your vision/and or design to life. Because each panel is a unique, hand-crafted piece of art, businesses use our panels to enhance their property visually. Our product can be used for your commercial building, restaurant, hotel, club, or spa among many more. Read on to learn more about the industrial applications of our custom fiberglass panels below.

Our solid color with multi-surface solution is intended for horizontal and vertical applications. our dynamic fiberglass embedment contributes to a major visual impact to any application, the rich colors of our product create dramatic installations that captivate the senses. The versatility of our product makes it easy to add a splash of color to any application.
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Breathtaken Unlimitted Applications


With new innovations in light and LED technology, backlit panels are a great solution when a natural light source is not always available. Backlit panels make a great addition to your office or commercial space, giving your building a contemporary look customers will remember

Interior Decor

Define your business’ image with a modern look for entryways, room dividers, and more. Versaglas is an inexpensive way to amp up your interior decor. Our artists can recreate your current art, match your exact color scheme, or build a new, original design from the ground up.


When used outside of your building, custom translucent panels help make a great first impression. Our panel products can increase your business’ property value as well as curb appeal. Panels are also safe to use outdoors because they are impact and hurricane resistant.

Lighting Fixture

Versaglas is a stylish lighting solution that illuminates your indoor or outdoor commercial space with color and warmth. With our focused approach, our staff will help you find the right design and opacity for your lighting needs that fit seamlessly into your current decor.

Privacy Paneling

Home builders and architects use custom decorative panels to add more privacy to places such as offices and conference halls. Versaglas is a solution that allows natural light to shine through while maintaining as much privacy as you need. Talk to our specialists about your opacity needs.

Whether you need interior or exterior paneling, lighting fixtures, or privacy panels, our staff is eager to provide expert craftsmanship so you can achieve your ultimate vision. Our mission is to offer premium resin fiberglass panels to our clients crafted with excellence. Every part of our business, from customer service to manufacturing, is based in the United States. We hope to accommodate every one of your commercial needs.

The applications with our product are as limitless as your imagination. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable team to receive a sample pack today.