Who we are

Stainworld Plastics manufactures durable and aesthetically pleasing window solutions for industrial and commercial projects as well as homeowners. With our industry experience, we can offer a lasting and cost-effective solution for your existing windows.

Our leading luxury product Versaglas is used in a variety of commercial, religious and residential applications. Each custom panel is hand-crafted with high-quality material, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece of art with high impact resistance. Best of all, our decorative panels are proudly designed and manufactured in the United States.

Why Choose Us

Stainworld Plastics keeps the essence of a stained glass appearance with the highest standard of artistic quality and durability. We create custom artistic designs on a daily basis to fit your needs. Our professional team are ready to render their expertise from the beginning to the end of your project making this experience as easy as possible.

Our knowledgeable team can duplicate your current art, or work with reproductions of classic and modern art. Stainworld Plastics can also create beautiful patterns to generate a unique design effect.

So what sets our company apart from traditional stained glass? Stainworld Plastics manufactures semi-transparent fiberglass resin panels. These components result in a virtually unbreakable piece that is impact resistant and proven to withstand harsh wind load and
projected objects.

When it comes to design, Versaglas can replicate the exact stained glass “look” and opacity that
you desire. Our mission is to deliver exceptional products paired with great customer service.
Contact us about one of our custom creations today.

Our Products


Our custom products allow window replacement and glass installation companies to increase the value of their business. Offer your clients the perfect combination of design and performance.

Church Structure

Religious institutions or places of worship can design their own personalized translucent windows to create an atmosphere of spiritual contemplation. Ask us about our beautiful mosaic design effects.


Whatever your needs, Stainworld Plastics fiberglass panels are an excellent fit for your custom project. Contact our team and experience the benefits of this innovative product for your upcoming project.

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  • Phone: (305) 438-6118
  • E-mail: sales@stainworldplastics.com

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